Strengthening crop performance for a more resilient food supply

Know whats coming
Adapt in real-time
Protect your crops


We built this company for growers. We process volumes of past, present and predictive data into a single view that enables faster, more confident decisions at every stage and scale.

Predict and solve problems in real-time, at your fingertips

We’re the only crop model that layers geo-statistics with a diverse data ecosystem to anticipate crop performance risk, drive decision-making and generate real opportunity.  

The solutions you need, with the tools you have

We unlock every field’s potential using monitoring and prediction that match the diversity and complexity of agriculture itself.

Fundamentally improve the observation and care of crops through measurement and prediction

Our unique agri-cellular model makes sense of remote sensing data, crop management data, and crop growth simulations to thrive through uncertainty.

Gain full visibility to manage your time, resources and costs

Our continuous monitoring gives you the ability to track interventions over years, not just before and after.

Using hyper-local weather forecasts and available ground-truth to build bespoke weather models for your fields

We combine field level data with available services to provide high resolution, personalised predictions per field.

Powering precise and confident decision making with plant-by-plant level analysis

Our model doesn't depend on open-source data so you can feel confident that you'll have the precise answers when you need them most.

We’re a team of agronomists, crop scientists and physicists dedicated to helping growers build resilient agriculture

Get the most out of every field

Our collaborative crop model builds resilience. We're here to support you improve yield and profit on every crop over every stage.