Means you never have to walk your fields again and can graze earlier and 
more often.

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Return on investment

Make up to £18 for every £1

Spent on Omega Crop

Through our digital grass prediction service, you will get to grass earlier, stay longer, graze more frequently, and you never have to walk your fields again.

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Return on Investment to farmer

Improved profitability

Getting to grass more often and for longer decreases feed costs, enabling you to increase the profitability of your farm by up to £77/Acre (£189/Ha).


Return on Investment to farmer

Labour savings

Walking fields to check grass covers takes hours every week. Omega Crop accurately predicts how much grass is in your field each day, and provides a 7-day forecast; meaning you never have to walk your fields again.

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Omega Crop’s application suite is available across 
multiple devices.

Grass cover prediction 
and forecasts

Daily grass cover prediction

Our grass cover service tells you how much grass you have on each field each day

Walking fields is a labour and time consuming task but by using Omega Crop you can improve your grazing decisions whilst never needing to walk your fields again.

7-day grass cover forecast

Know how much grass you will have on each field in 
7-days time

Get to grass earlier, for longer and optimise your grazing rotations to reduce feed input costs and improve profitability per acre by £77/Acre (£189/Ha).

You see everything we see.

We give you access to various sources of satellite imagery allowing you to see where the grass is coming from in your fields.

Other key features

No internet, no problem

Our applications work whether have access to the internet or not

Most farmers do not have internet everywhere on their farm, let alone in the field. Our service is designed to work on your device without continuous access to the internet.


Have a single source of truth for all your in-field interventions

It’s a live journal of all your field application and rotation information in one place. Giving everyone on your farm access to the same information in a single handy application.

Omega’s predictive capabilities helped us anticipate what was coming in a way we’ve never been able to before. It completely changed the way we scheduled interventions.

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We offer the full-suite of services listed above all for the low price of:

£6.00/acre p.a.

Standard retail price.
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