The collaborative crop model that builds resilience

Predicting and solving crop performance problems for growers at every scale

We built this company for growers
We unlock every field’s potential using monitoring and prediction that match the diversity and complexity of agriculture itself.
We’re data, hardware and scale agnostic
Whether you are looking for something as simple as phenotyping a single polygon or as complex as agricellular modelling, we provide actionable insight.
Tools should be enabling, not burdensome
We build the solution you need, with the tools you already have so you can focus on the work that matters.

Limitless data points into actionable insight

We process volumes of data from satellites, existing sensors, hyper-local weather, and historical field performance , as well as any ground-truth captured from mobile phone images and in-field notes. 

See 16 days into the future

Our model is able to detect crop-loss and other events earlier than anyone else - so you can make truly proactive decisions.


Gain 250 more days on the farm

Continuous monitoring and a low-touch approach means that you can spend valuable time on the fields that need you most.


Get proactive insights, not information

We don’t just repackage data or satellite imagery. Our remote-data insights are layered with your ground-truth for a full, clear picture.


Count every grain

We don’t necessarily need to, but we pride ourselves on offering the highest possible fidelity available in the market.


Human-powered tech

Our model is collaborative at every level, including customer service. Call us directly - 
we’ll always answer.

Real-time insights 24/7, wherever you are

Daily performance updates that don’t depend on clear skies or tedious in-field data collection. On or offline, we've got you covered.


We work with you all year - through every stage of the season and beyond

We’re in the field, even when you’re not

From pre-planting to post-harvest activities, our solutions are designed to work with you year round to get the most out of every field.

Early Season

In the initial stages of growing, we provide intelligence that sets the foundation for a successful season

Selected Products
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    Early weed mapping
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    Drill line benchmarking
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    Seed VRA mapping

Mid Season

Mid season, continuous monitoring provides peace of mind in managing fields - without having to lift a finger

Selected Products
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    Stand count benchmarking
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    Crop stage notifications
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    Disease risk forecasting
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    VRA maps for interventions

End Season

Late in season, we provide an accurate understanding of yield and performance to improve next year

Selected Products
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    Yield forecasting
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    Yield maps
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    Intervention performance reports
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    Season reports


During the emergence, we keep working to ensure that we're optimising for the year to come

Selected Products
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    Soil zoning
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    Off-season weed mapping
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    Productivity zoning
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    Mineralogy mapping
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    Flood mapping

No two fields are the same

Our flexible approach to data requirements means that you can go light on fields that don’t require attention and dive deeper on fields that do.

Find out how we can support you on every crop over every stage

Adapt to changes in real-time for better outcomes on the field

Need something more bespoke?