Power confident decision making with plant-by-plant level analysis

The power of high resolution data at your fingertips, whenever you need it

Our model doesn't depend on open-source data so you can feel confident that you'll have precise answers when you need them most.

Reduce complexity

Our Advanced Feature Detection tools make it simpler to generate opportunity.

Weed Mapping

Calibrated using identified weed locations in field to map undetected weed pressure at a plant-by-plant level

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    Understand true weed presence in field
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    Enhance potential treatment options
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    Target herbicides to affected areas only 
Plant-by-plant monitoring

Measure and map characteristics of interest at a plant-level across all your fields

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    Detect and identify issues earlier than lower-touch solutions
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    Score and map the performance of each plant in your field
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    Optimise timing and application area of critical interventions
Fruit monitoring

Classify and map important qualities of each fruit for each of your plants

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    Tally and rate each fruit to accurately predict yield
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    Pinpoint issues at the earliest possible stages
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    Monitor and chart progress through the crop cycle

Simplified Advanced
Feature Detection

Feel confident working with complex and high resolution data to make better decisions.


Samples in field

We’re data agnostic so we can leverage multiple data-sources – from commercial satellite data to highest resolution optical data on the ground.


Fields benchmarked

We give you the power to compare relevant fields easily, simultaneously and continuously. 


Yield accuracy

Our model is designed to ramp up with your data, so we can provide you accuracy when you need it most. 

Omega’s predictive capabilities helped us anticipate what was coming in a way we’ve never been able to before. It completely changed the way we scheduled interventions.

Cotton Farmer

Learn how our team can help you better predict and protect your crops.

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