Fundamentally improve the care of crops through measurement and prediction

Know what's happening on any crop at any time - past, present or future

Our unique agri-cellular model interprets remote sensing data, crop management data and crop growth simulations to help growers thrive through uncertainty.

Respond to a changing environment

Our crop modelling tools increase visibility so you can take proactive action.

Crop Stage Prediction

Optimise key field interventions through the measurement and prediction of key crop stages

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    Optimise intervention scheduling
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    High-resolution, field-level predictions
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    Prediction within 24 hour window
Disease Prediction

A 16-day forecast of disease pressure windows, specific to crops and crop stages

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    Forecast interventions
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    Disease pressure per crop stage 
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    ROI is as high as 5:1

Insight-driven crop management

Simplified and easy-to-understand displays help you unlock every field’s potential.


Samples in field

We’re data agnostic so we can leverage multiple data-sources – from commercial satellite data to highest resolution optical data on the ground.


Fields benchmarked

We give you the power to compare relevant fields easily, simultaneously and continuously. 


Yield accuracy

Our model is designed to ramp up with your data, so we can provide you accuracy when you need it most. 

Omega helped me completely reprioritise my time and resources so I could focus on the fields that actually needed me.

Crop Consultant

Learn how our team can help you better predict and protect your crops.

Need something more bespoke?

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